Family Court of Western Australia

Transcript Cost Estimator

This transcript cost estimator will calculate an estimate of the cost of transcript for a single hearing day based on a 7 working day or 14 working day turnaround time by the transcript service provider. This should help you decide whether you want to tick 7-day or 14-day turnaround on your Transcript Request Form.

  • Please enter the number of hours and minutes that your case was actually being heard by the Judicial Officer on the day, excluding any breaks. If your case was less than 1 hour leave the hour field blank.
  • Click on the "Calculate Estimated Transcript Cost" button to see the estimated Costs.
  • Click the "Clear" button to clear all fields and reset the calculator ready for a new calculation.

NOTE: 7 day and 14 day turnaround refers to the number of working days (excluding weekends) that the transcript service provider has to produce the transcript. There will be some additional days of Court processing time.