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A transcript is the written record of what was said in the courtroom by all persons involved in a case.

All Court proceedings heard in courtrooms are recorded. When requested, transcripts are produced from the recordings by an external transcription service used by the court. Court conferences held in conference rooms are not recorded. Recordings of courtroom proceedings are kept for six (6) years.

Only parties to the proceedings are able to obtain copies of transcript from the court file. There are charges for this service.

Transcripts are available in hard copy, however email of electronic copies of transcript is the preferred method of delivery when transcripts are produced.

Requesting a transcript

You can order a transcript of a court hearing by completing the transcript request form and emailing it to

After the Court receives your request:

  • you will be provided with a quote for the costs of preparing the transcript. You will usually receive the quote within 5 days of your request. The court can order the transcript on a 4 day or 7 day turnaround, and the costs for each option are included in the quote.
  • once your payment has been processed, your transcript will be ordered from the transcript service provider.
  • the Court will distribute the transcript as soon as possible after receiving it from the service provider.

It is recommended you order the transcript well before your next hearing to avoid inconvenience, and to ensure you receive the transcript in time to properly prepare for your hearing. The 4 day and 7 day turnaround periods refer to the creation of the transcript, and do not include the time to process your request and payment, or the time to distribute the transcript.

If you require the transcript for an upcoming court hearing or legal appointment, please advise the Court of this and the date of your hearing or appointment. This will allow the Court to prioritise the transcript request.

Transcript charges

Transcript charges are calculated in 15 minute blocks, and:

  • standard requests are charged at $48.24 per 15 minutes, and take seven working days to prepare.
  • priority requests are charged at $50.39 per 15 minutes, and take four working days to prepare.
  • there will be extra working days added for transcipts of hearings longer than one day.

Payment is required prior to the transcript being ordered. Transcript costs cannot be waived, and payments cannot be refunded once the transcript has been created.

Listening to a recording of the hearing

If you are unsure how much of a hearing you need to have transcribed, you can listen to the audio recording of the hearing.

You can request to listen to the audio recordings of a hearings using the Audio Request Form below.

After receiving your request, the Court will contact you to arrange an appointment for you to listen to the recording. The Court does not provide a copy of the audio. The appointment will be at the court subpoena viewing area, and please note it may be several weeks before an appointment is available.

More information

Transcripts and audio requests are processed by the Court Technology Officer, who be contacted by:

Last updated: 25-Sep-2018

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