Family Court of Western Australia


Parties to property settlement proceedings may apply to the Court to request superannuation information from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) about their former spouse.

To make the application, you will need to complete a “Superannuation Information Application (ATO)” on the eCourts Portal of WA through the My Current Matters screen or the Lodge a Document screen.

The Court will then request the ATO to disclose certain superannuation information for the purpose of the Court proceedings. When disclosed, this information is provided by the Court to the requesting party, the other party, and their lawyers.

The information includes the identity of superannuation funds. This information can then be used by the requesting party to obtain further information from the fund by the use of a subpoena, or by completing a Form 6 Declaration and Information Request Form directed to the fund (see the Superannuation Information Kit).

Last updated: 12-Feb-2024

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