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Annual review

The annual reviews of the Family Court are available below:

Public Notices

Research Committee

The Family Court of Western Australia has a judicial research committee which approves projects related to the jurisdiction.

For further information, contact the Administrator to the Chief Judge on 08 9224 8222.

Research information for legal studies students is available from the Family Court of Australia website.


Mediation Pilot Interim Report - July to December 2019

From 15 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, the Family Court of Western Australia is conducting a mediation pilot program. The Pilot offers existing litigants in the Family Court of Western Australia the opportunity to participate in a confidential, one day mediation (called a Pre-Trial Conference) to see whether their dispute can be settled or narrowed. The Pilot is being led by two senior and experienced Registrars, the funding for whom is being met by the Court.

Case Assessment Conference evaluation

Case Assessment Conferences were introduced as the first formal court event for parenting cases in July 2004.  In 2005 Dr Paul Murphy and Associate Professor Lisbeth Pike undertook an evaluation of Case Assessment Conferences, and compared their outcomes of matters conducted in the Court's General List in 2004, prior to the implementation of the new process.

Paper on considering the views of children in family law cases

A paper evaluating the 2006 reforms to the Family Law system, and the ability to achieve better outcomes for children. The paper was presented at the Australian Family Law Conference in Perth on 24 October 2006 by Dr Lisbeth T. Pike and Dr Paul T. Murphy.

Other Papers and Reports

Additional Family Court research papers and reports are available from the Family Court of Australia website.


Speech by Chief Judge Thackray given at the Family Pathways Network Annual Conference in May 2014.

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