Family Court of Western Australia

Personal Safety

The courts place a priority on safety and can assist with the safety of you and your family when attending court.

If you have any concerns for your safety it is important you let the courts know as soon as possible. You can discuss your concerns with the registry as soon as you know the date you will be attending Court, so that arrangements can be organised. Please advise the Court no later than 7 days before any court attendance.

Examples of actions the Court can take are organising:

  • attending from an offsite location by telephone
  • attending from an offsite location by video-link
  • attending from an onsite location (in a separate room to the other parties) by video-link
  • separate waiting areas inside the Court
  • separate entry and exit points from the Court building, or
  • a security escort to and from the court event. Please note escorts are limited to within the Court building.

You can also write a request to the Court. The template letter below provides guidance on what information to include.

The information in your letter will only be used to consider your security request, and will not be part of your case. You should ensure your letter is provided to the Court no later than 7 days before any hearing by uploading it via the eCourts Portal as document type "Personal Safety Request". It will not be visible to the other party. You do not need to provide a copy of your letter to the other party or their solicitor.

Safety outside the Court

If you have concerns about your safety outside the Court or have any questions about family violence, the courts recommend you contact one of the following:

  • the police
  • your lawyer, or
  • one of the services listed below.

The courts encourage you to contact the services listed below for further information and advice, including options for remaining safe outside the Court.

Some aspects of family violence may be a criminal offence and you may need to report these to police or child protection authorities.


 Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline (24 Hours) 08 9223 1188 or 1800 007 339
 Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline (24 Hours)  08 9223 1199 or 1800 000 599

1800 737 732

 Mensline  1300 789 978
 White Ribbon 
 National Family Violence Website
 Your Toolkit

Last updated: 25-Mar-2024

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