Judicial Officers

Chief Judge

The Honourable Justice Gail Sutherland


The Honourable Justice Simon Moncrieff
The Honourable Justice Susan Duncanson
The Honourable Justice Richard O'Brien
The Honourable Justice Ciara Tyson

Acting Principal Registrar

Magistrate Annette Andrews


Magistrate Alan Moroni
Magistrate Lisa Stewart
Magistrate Francine Walter
Magistrate Mark Calverley
Magistrate Colin Kaeser
Magistrate Catherine Osborn
Magistrate Eric Martino
Magistrate Paul Glass
Magistrate Neil Anderson

Deputy Principal Registrar

Registrar Leonie Forrest


Registrar Andrzej Meysner
Registrar Jocelyn Connick
Registrar Thomas Kuurstra

Last updated: 6-Mar-2019

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