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Instruction C - What you need to do to arrange a video link

Video link technology options

The Court can establish a video link using a number of technology options. The Court’s preferred option is for parties and/or witnesses to appear by video link using commercial video link facilities, to guarantee quality and stability (see below Preferred option - commercial video link facilities). However, where these facilities are not available to you, the Court is able to establish video links using other technology options which are discussed below in Alternative options for video links.

If you have any questions about the most appropriate video link technology, please telephone the Court Technology Officer on 08 9224 8285 to discuss.

After your request to attend by video link is approved

After your request to attend by video link has been approved by the Judicial Officer, you need to arrange access to video link facilities that you and/or your witnesses want the Court to connect to on the hearing date.

Once you know what video link facility you will use, you need to complete the Video Link Booking Form and email it to

Please ensure that you include in the form the contact details for the video link facility that you book, or (if using an alternate method) the person that will receive the video link call, so that the Court Technology Officer can contact them to arrange testing prior to the hearing date.

Below is information about the video link technology options available to the Court and that the Court can connect to.

Preferred option - commercial video link facilities

There are a wide range of video link technologies available, but many are not suitable for use in court. For better security and quality of audio and video, the Court recommends you book a commercial video link facility.

There are a range of private companies, government agencies, courthouses and universities that have video link facilities that can be booked. You should contact these types of organisations in your area to determine availability.

You will need to advise whichever facility you book that the Family Court of Western Australia uses a Cisco IP based video link system that handles both ISDN and IP connectivity. They may need to check the compatibility of their system.

Alternative options for video links

If you are not able to use a commercial video link facility, you can make use of a computer, tablet or smart phone that has a video camera and microphone, and is connected to high-speed internet. The Court can connect to the following video-link technologies:

You should contact the Court Technology Officer on 08 9224 8285 to discuss using Microsoft Teams for your video link requirements and any testing requirements.

Please Note:

  • Computers, tablets or mobile devices are not always successful for video links to the Court due to poor internet connection speeds, outdated equipment or incompatible equipment.
  • Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and other online video link and chat apps are not available for use in court for technical and security reasons.

Last updated: 30-Aug-2023

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