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How to upload correspondence

Corresponding with the Court

This Letter to the Court template in MS Word format can be used for corresponding with the Court or as a guide to formatting your own letter.

Any written communication that you wish to submit to the Court can be done so by uploading your correspondence to the Commonwealth Courts Portal. It is important to remember that you cannot litigate your case by way of correspondence and the appropriate applications with the associated supporting documents should be eLodged in the event you are seeking orders.

All correspondence concerning proceedings should be addressed to the Principal Registrar but may be marked for the attention of a particular member of Court staff. Copies of all correspondence provided to the Court (other than requests for ex parte listings) must also be sent to the other party or that party’s lawyers, and the original correspondence to the Court must show that this has been done. Please see Case Management Guideline 55.

You cannot lodge Court documents such as affidavits, service documents or applications under Correspondence.

How to upload correspondence

Search for your file in the search icon at the top of the page or click on the available files tab.

Search for your file in the portal

This will take you to the file details page. If you have multiple applications active on your file, choose the Final Orders Application. You can also add correspondence to a divorce application. Select Add Documents.

Select Add Document

Confirm your e-Filing Obligations to proceed to the next step.

Confirm your eLodge obligations

Under Document Type, select Correspondence and choose the filing party.

Select correspondence document type and choose party

You will then need to use the Browse button to locate your saved correspondence from your computer system. The correspondence document must be saved as a PDF file before uploading. Once your correspondence document is saved as a PDF, you can proceed to click on the Upload button.

Browse to your correspondence and upload

You will then receive confirmation that your upload was successful. A transaction receipt will produce for you to retain for your records.

Upload confirmation appears

Provided your correspondence complies with the rules of the Court, the eLodgment team will refer the uploaded correspondence to the appropriate person or business section for action and response.




Last updated: 11-Sep-2020

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