Family Court of Western Australia

How to eLodge a Form 1A Response

Search for your file in the search icon at the top of the page or click on the available files tab.

Search for your file in the portal

Click onto your file to open up the list of existing applications. Then click onto the Final Orders Application.

Open the existing F1 final orders application

Select File a Response

Select file a response

Confirm your e-Filing Obligations to proceed to the next step.

Click your e-filing obligations

In this section, you may create your document under a Title and Description of your choosing.


Create a new document

Create aa new document

You will now be taken to an area which contains Step 1 and Step 2. You will need to complete each section highlighted in red.

Complete steps 1 and 2

For Question A4, if you are seeking interim orders, please mark the appropriate box. You will then need to set out the interim orders sought at Part 5 of the Form 1A Response.


Tick box for interim orders

Please ensure that you select validate and save at the bottom of the page before moving forward to Part B.

Once you have completed each section at Part A and B you will be able to check your answers by clicking the Preview Coversheet button. You will need to mark the acknowledgement box before proceeding with Step 2.

Preview coversheet and tick acknowledgment

At Step 2 you will need to upload the correct documents under the correct document name. For example, under Application/Response you must upload the prescribed form from the Family Court of Western Australia Website. Please visit the following links for further information on the relevant forms. The answers to the questions at Part A and B will determine what those documents are.



Supporting document information

If you are not seeking an exemption from the filing fee, the final section of Step 3 will appear in order for you to opt to make payment by way of credit card. For the most up to date version of the Court fees, please refer to the following link.

Payment screen details and submit

Upon submitting your application you will be taken to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia website to finalise your payment. Please ensure that you print your receipt of proof of payment for your records.

Last updated: 11-Sep-2020

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