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How to eLodge an affidavit

Information about affidavits

An affidavit is a sworn statement containing facts to support your case. It cannot contain arguments or comments. The affidavit must be typed.

Any document referred to in the affidavit as Attachment “A”,”B”,”C” must be attached to the back of the affidavit and marked “A”,”B”,”C”. Please refer to Practice Direction (No 1 of 2018) for information on the attachment of documents to your affidavit.

Each page of the affidavit and any documents attached must be numbered consecutively beginning with the first page of the affidavit and concluding with the last page or any document attached.

If an order has been made that an affidavit is limited to a certain number of pages and you exceed that limit, your affidavit may not be accepted.

In relation to Child Related proceedings, a Judicial Officer will decide at the first hearing if an affidavit needs to be filed and the issues that it is to deal with. An affidavit will not be accepted for filing unless the Court has given you permission.

There is a 100 page limit when uploading your affidavit. If your affidavit exceeds more than 100 pages you may upload the remaining pages under a further affidavit.

eLodging your affidavit

Search for your file in the search icon at the top of the page or click on the available files tab.

Search for your file

Click onto your file to open up the list of existing applications.

Click on your file number to open list of applications

Then click onto the Final orders Application or the open application that your affidavit relates to. Select Add Document.

Select the Add Document button

Confirm your e-Filing Obligations to proceed to the next step.

Confirm your e-Filing Obligations

Next you will be taken to a page titled File a Document. From here you will need to select “affidavit” from the drop down box in the Document Type section.

Select Affidavit from the document type pick list

Next you will need to complete the document details and select who the affidavit is being filed on behalf of. You will then need to use the Browse button to locate your saved affidavit ready for upload. Your affidavit must be uploaded as a PDF document.

Complete the document details section and select upload

You will then receive confirmation that your affidavit has been submitted.


Last updated: 11-Sep-2020

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