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How to eLodge a Form 2 Application in a Case

Search for your file in the search icon at the top of the page or click on the available files tab.

Search for your file

Click onto your file to open up the list of existing applications. Then click onto the Final orders Application.

Click on your available file to open up the list of applications.

Select the option to file a new application under the heading of additional options for this file.

Select file a new application

At the next screen, use the drop down box to select Application in a Case and continue.

Create a new document dialog box

In the next section, you may create your document under a Title and Description of your choosing. You may then select Create.

Give your new document a title and description

You will now be taken to an area which contains Step 1 and Step 2. You will need to complete each section highlighted in red.

Complete each section - Part A, B and C

At Part A you must select the type of orders that you are seeking. The types of orders that you select must match the kind of orders sought set out at Part D within your Form 2 Application in a Case. Some orders sought incur a filing fee. For the latest information on filing fees, please refer to the Court website Fees page at


Select the orders you are seeking

Please complete section A2 and A3 Accordingly.

Complete sections A2 and A3

At Part A4, you must indicate if you are seeking urgent orders. This allows the eLodgment team to urgently access your documents. Failure to flag urgency may result in your application being processed in the normal course.

If you are seeking an urgent hearing you will need to upload correspondence addressed to the Principal Registrar setting out your reasons for urgency.

Select whether the orders you seek are urgent

You will then need to select Validate and Save to move onto Part B.

At Part B you will need to select your name as the applicant. This is regardless of whether you are the respondent in the overall proceedings.

Select your name as the applicant

You will need to complete the particulars at questions B2 and B3. You will have the ability to add details for any additional applicants by clicking the “Add Applicant” button.

Click the add applicant button

Once you have completed the address details for each party at Question B2 and have answered Question B3 please save and validate your page. You will then be able to click onto the next section for the respondent/s details.

Validate and Save Part B

Once you have completed the details for the respondent at Part C please ensure that you tick the acknowledgement box under the Preview Coversheet button.

Tick the acknowledgment box under the preview coversheet button

You have now arrived at Step 2 Supporting Documents. Here you will be able to upload your application and supporting documents. The answers to the questions in the previous sections will determine what those documents are. Please refer to the following links for further information.

Upon document upload completion, you will need to ensure that you select the correct State of Western Australia and appropriate location for your application to be heard.

Select the State and Location where you want your application heard

If your application attracts a filing fee, you will be directed to the Commonwealth Bank gateway to process your payment. Please ensure that you print a copy of your receipt for your records.

Complete your credit card payment details

You may now submit your application. The Court’s eLodgment team will assess your documents and refer them to the presiding Judicial Officer for directions. You will receive email notification when this stage has occurred.

Once the Judicial Officer has advised how your application will proceed or if there are any issues with your documents, a further notification email will be sent you.


Last updated: 11-Sep-2020

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