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File Number

It is very important that ALL proceedings (past, current and future) between parties to an application are registered on the one file number (with the exception of Divorce).

If there have been any previous proceedings between parties, there will be an existing file number.

If you know there have been previous or there are ongoing proceedings, but you do not know the specific information required to lodge on the Commonwealth Courts Portal (in particular, your file number), please contact the Family Court of WA on (08) 9224 8222 or

If you have never previously had proceedings in Family Law, a new file number will automatically be allocated to you.

If a new file number is created and there are existing proceedings, it is likely that your application may be removed and you would then be required to re-file the application against the correct file number.

If your application was removed, you would be required to complete an application for refund of fees form; noting an additional fee will need to be provided at the time of re-lodging the application on the correct file number.

What can be lodged:

The Commonwealth Courts Portal (CCP) allows for the electronic filing of approximately 98% of applications and supplementary documents online.

You can avoid the queues at the Registry and file your applications online. The main applications that you can now file through the CCP are:

  • Form 1 Initiating application
  • Form 1A response
  • Form 2 Initiating application
  • Form 2A response (available from 1 December 2018)
  • Form 11 Consent Orders application.

You can also:

  • lodge fee reductions and exemption (for financial hardship) applications.
  • upload correspondence related to your matter.
  • outline special considerations including safety, urgency, interpreter requests and/or other practical assistance for court events, such as a hearing loop.
  • upload documents up to 30MB in size.

What are the circumstances when I cannot eFile?

You cannot eFile if:

  • you do not have access to the required technology
  • you are unable to pay by credit/debit card online
  • the application you require to file is not currently available to file online such as:
    • Application for a decree of nullity/validity of a marriage
    • Contravention applications
    • Contempt application
    • Notices to intervene by a Third party
    • Requests to issue a Subpoena.

The Commonwealth Courts Portal is simply another method of filing. All rules that are applicable to those applications filed over the Counter or via mail are also applicable to those documents that have been eFiled through the CCP.

Are you ready?

If you are not already registered for the Portal, you can do so at:

Self Represented Litigants

Information for self represented litigants registering for the portal.

Help for Lawyers

Information for lawyers registering for the portal

Navigating the Portal

Information on navigating the Commonwealth Courts Portal

Last updated: 10-Apr-2019

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