Attending by telephone or video link

General Information

The Court has facilities for people to attend Court by telephone or video link. You can use the facilities to:

This page also contains links to instructions about:

Handy Tips

Costs of attending by telephone or video link

Telephone: There are no fees payable for telephone links, except for overseas telephone links. You will be advised of the call cost for overseas phone links if this applies to your situation.

Video link: There are fees payable for arranging a video link. The Video Link Booking form (see below) sets out the applicable fees.

Information about fee reductions and exemptions is available on the Court’s website Fee Exemptions and Reductions page.

Privacy and confidentiality

Persons attending court events by telephone or video link are not permitted to record those events.

If you attend a conciliation conference, pre-trial conference, or judicial conference by telephone or video link:

Instruction Pages

Instruction A - Apply to attend a court event by telephone

Instruction B - Apply to attend a court event by video link

Instruction C - What you need to do to arrange a video link


List of forms/instruction guides for telephone and video links


Last updated: 3-May-2022

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