Applying for an adoption

This page has information on making adoption applications. The before you apply section has information on the adoption process in Western Australia. There are important steps you need to take before applying to the Court.

Child Adoption Application – Adoption Form 4

The Form 4 is to be used for Adoption applications.

The Department of Communities has resources to help you through the adoption process. Before lodging an Application for Adoption, it is important that you contact the Fostering and Adoption Services area of the Department of Communities.

You will need to submit:

General Application – Adoption Form 3

A general application is not used to apply for an adoption, but is used for other orders related to adoption applications. For example, and order that the:

Adult Adoption Application – Adoption Form 4

You need to submit:

Overseas adoptions

Where a child has been adopted in a foreign country the adoptive parents may apply to the Family Court of WA to have the overseas adoption recognised in Western Australia. Read section 138(3) of the Adoption Act 1994.

Applying for a declaration of an overseas adoption order may require filing certificates or documents which are not written in English. Any person seeking to file a document in another language will need to complete an ‘Affidavit of Translation’ and include a translated copy of that document with their application.

You will need to file the following Court forms:

Last updated: 25-Nov-2019

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