Family Court of Western Australia

Amended Application/Response

In accordance with rules 180 to 184 of the Family Court Rules 2021, a party who has filed an application or a response may seek to amend that document.

To rely on an Amended Application or Response, a party needs to:

  • ensure any new/updated information or orders sought in the document to be amended is/are underlined;
  • ensure any incorrect information or orders no longer sought is/are struck through (strike through);
  • re-sign the document (including swearing/affirming in front of an authorised witness, if required);
  • lodge the document with "Amended" written or typed on the front page of the document - immediately before the form number/form name, together with a letter to the Court. For example, Amended Form 1 - Initiating Application; and
  • print a sealed copy of the Amended Application/Response and serve it on the other party/parties.

Last updated: 7-Jul-2022

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