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Family Court of Western Australia
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Violence Policy

Violence Policy Document

The Violence Policy of the Family Court of Western Australia is available for download in PDF format from the link below.

This policy document contains information about family violence, your personal safety when attending Court and the Court’s policy and strategy in dealing with family violence.

Family violence is a serious social issue which can impact on members of a family, namely children, parents and other extended family members.

The Court’s Family Violence Policy provides a guideline for the management of cases involving family violence and the protection of children, parents, family members, Court staff and people who attend the Family Court of Western Australia.

This policy document contains the following information:

  • Definition of Family Violence
  • The effects of Family Violence on children
  • Family Violence Strategy
  • Safety Measures
  • What should you do if you have concerns for your safety
  • Contacts

What You Should Do If You Have Concerns for Your Safety

You have a right to feel safe at Court. The Court places a priority on safety and can assist you when you attend Court.

If you have concerns for your safety it is important you inform the Court in writing, preferably at least 2 weeks before the Court event. The template “Request for Personal Safety Measures” letter provides guidance on what information to include. The Court recognises that parties may be hesitant to raise safety concerns; hence the requirement to serve a copy on the other parties is waived. Requests will be approved where resources allow. Please note: the information in these letters will not be taken into consideration during proceedings, except where also raised in documentation served on the other parties.

For more information please call your Client Administration Officer or the Court’s Call Centre on:

08 9224 8222 or 1800 199 228

Last updated: 26-Jun-2015

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