Requests for Copies of Documents or Inspection of a File

Who is entitled to copies of court documents or to inspect a file

Parties to a Case and their Lawyers

All parties to a case and their lawyers on record are entitled to copies of documents from a court file or to inspect a court case file.  For the purpose of access to court documents and files, children are not considered parties to a case.

If a lawyer has recently commenced acting for a party and that lawyer has not filed any documents with the court, they should file a Notice of Address for Service (see downloads on this page).

Other Persons

In special circumstances and with approval from a Registrar of the court, other persons may receive specific documents from a court case file or inspect a court case file for an approved legal purpose.

Other persons may also act as an agent for a party to a case, to request and receive documents from that party's court case file provided the agent supplies to the court written authority from the party to do so.

Please note:

Requests must be in writing

Requests for copies of court documents or to inspect court case files must be in writing and include the signature of the party, lawyer or person requesting the documents or inspection.

Requests without a signature will not be processed.

Where a person, who is not a party or lawyer to a case, is acting as an agent to request and receive documents on behalf of a party, they must have the party complete Part E of the "Request for Supply of Court Documents" form or attach a signed written authority from that party to do so.

Persons are encouraged to use the forms "Request for Supply of Court Documents" or "Request to Inspect Court File" from the downloads section on this page, however a signed letter or fax request is acceptable provided the request includes the following:

Requests can be sent to the court by:

Senior Records Officer, Family Court of WA
GPO Box 9991
PERTH  WA  6848

Senior Records Officer, Family Court of WA
Fax: (08) 9224 8360

Attention: Senior Records Officer, Family Court of WA
Include a scanned signed request form or letter as an attachment to the email. Acceptable formats are JPG, BMP, TIF and PDF.

Copies of divorce certificates and court orders cannot be email or faxed.  They will be posted or collected from the Registry.

Document Request Fees

Copies of Divorce Certificates and court orders are currently supplied free of charge.

Copies of all other documents attract a fee of $1.00 per page for photocopying if the total number of pages exceeds 10 pages.  If a fee applies, the court will contact you by phone to advise of the amount to be paid.

Payment by post can be made by: cheque, money order or credit card using the "Credit Card Payment Authority" form (see downloads this page).

When attending the court payment can be made by: cash, cheque, money order or credit card at the Cashier counter. 

Inspecting a Court File

Arranging the inspection appointment

Upon receipt of a written request to inspect a court case file, the court will contact the requester by telephone to arrange a date and time for inspection.

Urgent Inspection

If an urgent inspection of a court case file is required, the requester must telephone the court on 08 9224 8304 to arrange an inspection date and time in advance, however the requester must bring a written request with them to the court on the day of inspection.  Note that it can take up to 7 days for a case file to be available if it has been archived offsite.

Personal Identification

All persons inspecting court case files must produce identification such as a driver's licence, passport, bank cards, etc.

Lawyers and court experts may be asked to show evidence of their involvement with a case.

Inspection Room

The inspection room is located on the ground floor of the court off the foyer opposite the public counter.

Only parties to a case, their lawyers or other persons authorised by the court are permitted into the inspection room.

For security and courtesy reasons, mobile phones are to be switched off and kept inside bags or brief cases.  The viewing room is monitored by camera surveillance at all times.

A photocopier is also available.  Charges for copying are 0.50c per page for persons doing their own copying and $1.00 per page if copying is done by court staff.

Enquiries About Requests for Supply of Court Documents or Inspection of Court File

Telephone enquiries about requests for supply of court documents should be directed to the Records Section of the court on 08 9224 8205.

Telephone enquiries about inspection of court files should be directed to the Subpoena Officer of the court on 08 9224 8304.

Last updated: 26-Apr-2016

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