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Ordering Transcripts

Transcript of Court Hearings

A transcript or transcript of a hearing is the written record of a trial or hearing.

Transcript includes any evidence given by the parties, their witnesses and records and exhibits. The transcript is an official copy of the proceedings of a court and is kept on the file.

Only parties to the proceedings are able to obtain copies of transcript from the court file. There are charges for this service.

Transcripts are available in hard copy, however email of electronic copies of transcript is the preferred method of delivery when transcripts are produced.

Ordering Transcript

How can I order a copy of a transcript of a court hearing?

  • Write a letter to the Audio Visual Officer, Family Court of WA, GPO Box 9991, Perth WA 6848 with a completed transcript request form attached (see download below).
  • Fax the court on 08 9224 8394 with a copy of a completed transcript request form attached, or
  • Email the Court at
  • You will be provided with a quote for the costs of preparing the transcript, and upon payment your transcript will be ordered.

What information should I provide?

  • Date of the hearing/s and the specific times required where only part of transcript is ordered.  A contact telephone/fax number is also recommended in case further information is sought.
  • If you are unsure how much of a hearing you need to have transcribed, you can request to listen to the audio recording of the hearing to determine which parts you need transcribed.  Requests to listen to the audio recordings of hearings should be made in the same manner as ordering transcript set out above.

Other details about a transcript of a court hearing:

  • The audio recordings of court hearings are held for 5 years only
  • The court does not provide a copy audio disc of the hearing.
  • In accordance with guideline 38.2 of the Case Management Guidelines, upon a transcript being supplied a copy will be kept for the court file and a copy will be sent to each other party to the proceedings.

Transcript Charges

How much will the transcript cost and how long does it take to prepare?

  • Charges are calculated per 15 minutes or part thereof.
  • Payment is required in advance prior to the transcript being ordered
  • Normal orders for transcript are charged at the rate of $48.22 per 15 minutes and take seven working days for preparation and then delivery time.
  • Priority transcripts are charged at the rate of $50.39 per 15 minutes and can be produced in four working days.
  • Charges cannot be waived and transcripts cannot be released until full payment is made.
  • Please note that there will be an extra working day added for every transcript ordered in excess of a single hearing date. 

Last updated: 4-Jul-2017

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