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Family Court of Western Australia
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Interpreter Services

In line with Federal and State government policy, the Family Court provides court-funded interpreter services for people with limited English fluency or a hearing impairment who need to use the services of the court or have business before the court.

The interpreter services are available for the following purposes:

  • To interpret proceedings in court
  • During a conciliation or pre-hearing conference
  • During a court counselling conference
  • During mediation at the court (if available)
  • During information sessions conducted by the court
  • When obtaining information (either by telephone or in person) from court staff relating to the practice or procedures, function or operation of the court

For details of the policy, download the Interpreter Services Policy below.

To book an interpreter

  • Where one of the parties needs an interpreter, they must complete and sign an interpreter request form (available by download or at Reception). The completed form should then be forwarded to the Court's Audio Visual Officer in the Caseflow section of the court.
  • It is suggested that requests be made as soon as possible after the hearing date is notified to ensure an appropriate interpreter for that language is available.
  • Parties are no longer required to make their own interpreter bookings. The court uses the services of On-Call Interpreting.

Last updated: 9-Jul-2014

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