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Family Court of Western Australia
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When can a form be faxed?

Even though a document can be accepted for filing by fax, it will only be accepted if:

  • the matter is urgent
  • the solicitor or party filing the document is more than 20 kilometres from the closest registry, and
  • it is not practicable to lodge the document on the registry in any other way.

If it is appropriate that the document be filed by fax, it must be accompanied by letter to the Registrar explaining:

  • what harm may result if the document is not lodged by fax, and
  • any other circumstances that justify lodging the document by fax.

If a document is accepted for fax filing, the original must be lodged in the registry within 7 days of the date on which the fax was sent

Last updated: 13-Sep-2013

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