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Family Court of Western Australia
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearings

How do I change a hearing date?

Where the application has not been served:

  • You can either
    • bring the service copy to the registry counter personally and request a new hearing date; or
    • post the service copy to the court together with a letter requesting a new hearing date.
  • A counter officer will change the hearing date, re-seal the service copies, and return them to you. You can then arrange for the application to be served.
  • Note that you can make written request to have an unserved application removed from the list altogether without giving it a new hearing date.

Where the application has been served:

  • The written consent of all parties is required to alter the hearing date, otherwise you must file a Form 2 application.
  • If urgent, parties may fax their written consent to the Caseflow section on 08 9224 8394.
  • Where an application has not yet been heard, parties are allowed only two (2) administrative adjournments. The third time, parties must appear before the court to explain the status of proceedings.
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How do I relist an application?

  • Write a letter to the court seeking to relist your application with a copy of the letter sent to all other parties pursuant to Case Management Guideline 55.2.
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Last updated: 13-Sep-2013

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