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Where is the Family Court located?

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What is the postal address?

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What is the court's toll free 1800 number?

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What are the court's fax numbers?

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What are the court's hours?

Customers attending the registry counter on Level 1 may wish to reduce their waiting time by avoiding the following peak load customer attendance times:


  1. 12noon to 2pm daily
  2. Friday 2pm to 4pm

Upon arrival in the Level 1 foyer there is a touch-screen ticket machine dispensing tickets for the registry counter service opposite Security by the stairwell.

Alternatively, documents can be submitted for assessment and filing can also be posted to GPO Box 9991  PERTH  WA  6848.  See the Court's Fees webpage for options for payment of court fees.

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Where can I park?

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Last updated: 12-Jan-2017

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