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Family Court of Western Australia
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What cannot be done by email

Legal Advice Not Provided

The Court does not provide legal advice. If your inquiry is considered by the Court to be a request for legal advice, the Court will recommend that you obtain that advice from a legal practitioner or some other community or legal service.

Specific Information Not Provided

The Court does not provide a response to email requests for specific information about proceedings. This information is confidential and only available to the parties involved.

Request for specific information must be made in writing and if the request relates to current proceedings the letter should show that a copy of the letter has been provided to each other party involved.

If you are party to a matter and require specific documents from your Family Court file, please download the Request for Court Documents form.  For further information about requesting court documents CLICK HERE.

Documents filed by email will not be accepted

Although Part 24.01 of the Family Law Rules 2004 makes provision for the filing of documents by electronic means, the notes to Part 24.01 state:

The rules relating to filing by electronic communication apply only if the court has the facility to accept documents by electronic communication.

The Court now has the facilities for electronic filing (eFiling) of divorce applications and a limited number of supplementary documents via the Commonwealth Courts Portal website.  For more information about eFiling CLICK HERE.

Please do not attempt to file documents by email.

Last updated: 13-Sep-2013

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