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Child Minding Service

The Child Minding Centre is a free service available to parties attending their Family Court case, the Family Court Counselling and Consultancy Service, support persons or the registry counter. The centre is open from 8.30am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm. Care periods cannot extend beyond three hours and may resume after a one hour break.

Staff at the centre are fully qualified childcare workers and in possession of senior first aid certificates. The centre has many toys, videos, puzzles, books, games and art activities to entertain your children while you attend to your court business.

Policy for Use of Child Minding Service

The Child Care Worker will determine the safe number of children in care in the centre at any time, depending on the needs of the children signed in. Priority will be given to parties with their own case before the Court that day.

You should provide anything your child may need, such as bottles, nappies and lunches. Nappy change facilities, beds and cots are available, however it is recommended that prams be provided for infants. A microwave is available for heating food and bottles. Bottles of infant formula need to be prepared in advance.

Children are to be signed in (no more than half an hour before your appointment) and signed out by the same person. This person must remain at the Family Court while the child attends the centre. Only that person is permitted to enter the Child Minding Centre, unless a support person is expressly permitted by the Child Care Worker so to enter. No third parties may enter the centre precincts.

You need to tell the staff about:

  • Special diet
  • Allergies
  • Feeding times
  • Sleep times
  • Special needs or behaviours, and
  • Medical conditions that may require attention - staff will not give medication

Please note that children with infectious illnesses such as scabies, chicken pox, head lice, impetigo, school sores or cold sores will not be accepted into the centre.

The centre is unable to care for children under the age of 8 weeks.  The centre cannot assist with the facilitation of 'spend time with' court orders.

If at any time your child is distressed, your assistance will be sought and your child returned to you without delay.

Last updated: 13-Sep-2013

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