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Family Court of Western Australia
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Child Adoption Application


The Form 4 is to be used for Adoption applications.

In recognising the significance of every adoption the Department for Community Development (DCD), Adoption Services Branch has developed extensive packages for each type of adoption, leading clients step by step through the process.

Before lodging an Application for Adoption it is important that you contact DCD, Adoption Services Branch or go to their website

Child Adoption

  1. Application (Form 4) + Face sheet (Form 1)
  2. Affidavit of applicant(s) including details concerning:
    • Domicile or residence of applicant(s)
    • Intention to remain in WA
    • That the child is present in WA
    • History of the child and applicant(s) relationship
  3. Consent(s) of birth parents or order to dispense with consent.
  4. Adoption Plan or order to dispense with requirement of Adoption Plan.
  5. Evidence of prior notice to birth parents and DCD (60 days prior to filing of the application), or order to dispense with the requirement.
  6. DCD report for the Judge.
  7. Certificates including:
    • Birth certificate of the child to be adopted (original or certified copy)
    • Marriage certificate of applicants (if applicable, original or certified copy)
    • Change of name certificate of the child to be adopted (if applicable, original or certified copy)
    • Death certificate of a parent of the child to be adopted (if applicable, original or certified copy)


Last updated: 10-Jul-2014

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