Case Management Guidelines - 7 May 2012

The attached Case Management Guidelines will commence on 7 May 2012.  They will replace the current Case Management Guidelines.

The changes introduced by these Guidelines primarily relate to documentation in financial cases, listing procedures and Alternate Dispute Resolution.  Form 1 applications and Form 1A responses seeking property orders will now need to be accompanied by an affidavit in support.  Interim applications and responses in financial cases will now need to be accompanied by a Conferral Certificate. New listing procedures will facilitate more trials being heard by Magistrates.

The Case Management Guidelines apply to proceedings in the Family Court of Western Australia and the Magistrates Court, 150 Terrace Road, Perth (and to country circuits of those Courts where appropriate).

The Case Management Guidelines are intended to inform those who use the Court of how the Court’s case management system works, the arrangements that regulate the progression of cases and the events which make up that progression.

Other procedural obligations are dealt with in the Family Law Rules 2004 and the Family Court Rules 1998.  These Guidelines are intended to be read in conjunction with those Rules and with the Court’s Family Violence Policy.

Individual matters will be dealt with on their own facts and, where there is good reason, the Court may permit departure from the Guidelines.  In considering whether departure from the Guidelines is appropriate, the Court will not only consider the effect upon the individual case, but also the effect upon other cases awaiting hearing and upon the resources available.

Case Management Guidelines - Forms

The forms referred to in Schedule B of the Case Management Guidelines are available as downloads from the Prescribed Forms and Non-Prescribed Forms pages under the "Kits - Forms - Brochures" page of this website.

Last updated: 10-Jul-2014

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